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Sample kits are available in 6 basic tile types (colors).
Each sample is double-sided paste specification, with "horizontal paste" and "diagonal paste" applied.  ※oil finish

Wood Type included in the sample kit  Total 6 tile

・White ash” laser engraving”
・ Japanese ash
・Indigo-dyed tiles are dyed with “Hakko-date”


[About indigo-dyed tiles]

Natural indigo and the traditional techniques of indigo dyeing, both things that Tokushima Prefecture is proud of, are used for modern interior design. MORI KOUGEI's indigo-dyed tiles were created with this in mind. These tiles are full of originality, combining the traditional indigo-dyeing techniques of Japan with modern design. They bring unparalleled depth and texture to interiors.

[Example of combinations in basic lineup ]

 [Pattern generation using an algorithm]

[Installation Method ]

Using acrylic double-coated adhesive tape and glue together

[Preparation for Installation]

Before starting installation, make sure the surface is flat and free of dust and dirt to prevent the tiles from delaminating。

[Prepare to Attach]

Apply acrylic double-sided adhesive tape to both ends of the back surface of the tile.
Apply an appropriate adhesive agent to the blank areas where there is no double-sided adhesive tape. The type of adhesive agent may vary depending on the material of the surface to be applied, so select the appropriate type in advance.

[Compatible Substrates]

Flat surfaces that can be fixed with adhesive.
*For substrates such as wallpaper, where there is a risk of surface delamination, plywood can be applied first to ensure a more stable installation.

[Unsuitable Substrates]

Avoid installation on plaster or clay walls, rough or uneven surfaces, curved surfaces, or outdoors. Under these conditions, the adhesion of the tiles will be insufficient and we cannot guarantee the quality of the tiles after installation.


MORI KOUGEI's TSUKI-ITA TILES are custom-made wood veneer tiles that can be used in a wide variety of interior decorating styles. Although simple, they have the expression of natural wood, and can add richness to any space.

We developed this product with the intention of combining traditional woodworking techniques with the needs of modern interior design.

Born from a fusion of tradition and innovation, this tile meets every design desire with a variety of wood types, rich colors, different sizes and shapes, and highly flexible customization options.

TSUKI-ITA TILES, carefully crafted piece by piece, can realize an infinite number of design patterns. We hope that you will use our tiles as a canvas for realizing your ideal space and vision, rather than as a mere building material.

[Features of TSUKI-ITA TILES]

-Lower risk of "warping" than solid wood tiles which have issues with expansion and contraction.
-The selection and allocation of wood veneer can be made according to the design intent.
-Custom designs for each tile are also available. 

[Customization for Unlimited Possibilities]

MORI KOUGEI's TSUKI-ITA TILES are more than just face panels. It is a powerful tool for transforming your imagination into the ideal space. It is possible to customize every detail, from size to grain type and hue, to meet your specific design intent. It is characterized by a flexibility of design that allows for unlimited combinations, satisfying interior design professionals.

[Designed to Harmonize with Any Space]

Each space has its own theme, function, and atmosphere―MORI KOUGEI offers a variety of wood veneer tiles to best suit each space. From classic to modern and contemporary spaces, MORI KOUGEI can create designs that enhance the individuality of any place.  

[Customization Options for Originality]

The tiles can be customized to a completely original design. Your images and designs can be embodied in the expression of the wood grain and used to decorate the space's unique design. Create your own space with originally designed tiles.



Dimensions including joints (mm)(mm:
-Square: 100×100, 150×150
-Rectangle: 50×300, 100×300, 150×300
-Large format: 300×300, 450×450, 600×600


Actual surface dimension (mm)(mm:
-Square: 98×98, 148×148
-Rectangle: 48×298, 98×298, 148×298
-Large format: 298×298, 448×448, 598×598

-Custom sizes: Up to 1200×2400 can be specified.

All sizes are available for horizontal application, diagonal application, and custom designs. Standard joint width is 2 mm.

[Base Material]

-Standard base material:5.5mm MDF
-Additional options:3.0mm, 4.0mm, 7.0mm, 9.0mm, 12.0mm, 15.0mm
-Note: 3.0mm and 4.0mm have an increased risk of warpage.


[About Custom Samples]

Custom samples are also available.
Other Wood Type lineups are available on our website.
Wood Type

Please let us know the Wood Type, size, and other requirements you are considering introducing.

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