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A wall clock with an infinitely simple design

Available in a choice of two patterns and two colors combinations.

[Pattern Types]


he unique design of this piece uses a technique called "wood inlay/marquetry," in which wood is inlaid without gaps, and geometric patterns are neatly lined up. The identically shaped hexagonal wood veneer are combined with the wood grain in different directions.
Although all the pieces are made of the same color and wood type, the geometrical arrangement of each piece makes the color of the wood appear different depending on the viewpoint and angle of the viewer, giving it a shimmering impression.
This is why we named it "hoek" (meaning "viewpoint" or "angle" in Dutch).

[Wood type (color)]

You can choose from two colors, "Japanese Oak" and "Indigo Dyed.

[Japanese Oak

A bright natural color with the warm touch of wood grain.
It is characterized by the presence of "flecks," which are radiating tissues that send nutrients to the wood.
These spots have a unique luster, which is maintained even after dyed.

[Indigo dyed]

A Japan-blue indigo color with a unique atmosphere.
It is dyed with indigo dye from indigo plants grown in Tokushima Prefecture.
The wood's tendency to "change color depending on the angle of light" creates a unique atmosphere, and this is enhanced when the wood is dyed with indigo.

[hands of the clock]

Original design using a specially developed plywood made by overlapping wood veneer.

Ebony wood veneer is used for the surface.

By laminating the grain direction as they cross each other, we have succeeded in reducing the effects of climate such as humidity or temperature compared to ordinary solid wood.


QUARTZ(manufactured by Young Town)movement

Quiet sweep type with no ticking sound from the second hand.

CE marking, RoHS regulation, and WEEE directive compliant products are used.

 [Product Package]

Simple and luxurious product packaging that can be used if this is chosen as a gift.

It can also be chosen as a nice present for celebrations such as new houses, child births, and weddings.

 [Product Details]

ColorJapanese Oak/indigo dyed  Wood natural wood veneer  Finishoil finish
Product size280 mm dia. 、face 9 mm、depth 42 mm
Movement:QUARTZ(manufactured by Young Town)CE certified 


○When setting the time, turn the dial on the movement in the back side.

○Do not directly move the clock hands with your fingers to set the time.

○Insert batteries in the battery compartment with a right direction to match the + and – as indicated. Then the clock will start moving.


 Do not use this product outdoors where it may be exposed to rain, wind, relatively wide ranged temperature and humidity, and the direct sunlight.

 Make sure to use the screw included in the product when hanging on a wooden wall or a pillar.

 Do not use the screw included with the product for such non-wooden walls as plaster boards and concrete walls. *Please use hanging devices on the market, which match the material and structure of the wall.

 Make sure that the clock is firmly placed on the wall/pillar.

 Make sure to keep the clock away from toddlers.

○ To avoid the clock from stopping or the movement from breaking down, please avoid placing this product in places:

  • -with a temperature of 50℃ (50 degrees Celsius) or above
  • -exposed to direct sunlight for an extended period of time
  • -close to heat radiating appliances or flames
  • -with a temperature of -10℃ (minus 10 degrees Celsius) or below
  • -with high humidity (e.g. shower room or any steamy places))
  • -exposed to a strong magnetic field or subject to strong vibration (e.g. large sized electric motors, large sized electric drills, large sized mixers, pumps, electric fans, etc.))
  • -with relatively dusty


○ Use new batteries for replacement.

○ Batteries should be replaced before their expiry date. Batteries replacement after a 1year of use is recommended even when the clock is still functioning.

○ Batteries should be removed when the clock is not in use or not functioning. This will prevent battery voltage drop that may lead to a battery leakage which may damage the clock itself or other parts. 


[Failure of the movement (mechanical part)]

[In Japan]

We will repair the product with free of charge within one year from the date of purchase.

[Outside of Japan]

Please contact us for repair service for a fee.

Please send us the product or we will sell replacement parts for the movement and hands (wooden).

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