We can process natural wood veneer laminated plywood.

At MORI KOUGEI, we listen to our customers' requests and use our extensive experience and knowledge of wood to create the image you envision.

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering the use of tsuki-ita, wood sliced as thinly as paper, for furniture, fittings, construction, or store interiors.

We believe that living with wood enriches the heart and soul, and we would be happy to play a role in giving shape to your thoughts and ideas by proposing objects and spaces that give you a sense of comfort in your daily life.


MORI KOUGEI is a laminated plywood processing company established in Tokushima in 1953, specializing in the application of tsuki-ita, a wood sliced as thinly as paper.

We have inherited from generation to generation the technology and knowledge of wood that we have cultivated over the years, and we propose various designs by devising ways to laminate and combining various colors of wood.


What is tsuki-ita?

Wood sliced as thinly as paper is called "tsuki-ita".

In Chinese characters, it is written “突板". It is called "tsuki-ita" because it is a thin board that has been cut by thrusting a blade into it in a manner similar to making shavings from a plane.

It is widely used as a material for furniture, building interiors, and other wood products in general.

Those with a thickness of 0.2mm to 0.25mm are called thin veneers, and those with a thickness of 0.5mm to 0.6mm are called thick veneers.

The pattern of veneer differs depending on how the wood is sliced.

[The main slicing methods are]

Type of wood

Since MORI KOUGEI has been specializing in the processing of decorative plywood for many years, we handle a wide variety of woods, including rare species that are difficult to obtain today.

Case Study

Introduction of examples of actual use of laminated plywood



 [Pasting Patterns

At MORI KOUGEI, we make full use of our original lamination patterns and wood inlay techniques to express the design you have in mind.

We will create an original design based on the image and color you have in mind.

[How to use this service]

Please feel free to contact us if you are considering the use of veneer for furniture, fittings, construction, store interiors, etc.

  • - Contact us: Please contact us first. 
  • - Inquiry: Please contact us by email or phone to discuss your purpose and image.
  • - Submission of quotation: About 2 business days after hearing your request.

Please let us know your image of wood types, design, etc., and we will make a concrete proposal.


  • - Company Name: MORIKOUGEI CO.,LTD.

  • - Founded: 1953

  • - Established: June 10, 1970

  • - Capital: 5 million yen

  • - Representative Director: Ken’ichi Mori

  • - Number of Employees: 3

  • - Main Equipment: Guillotine wood slicer, gluing machine, hydraulic hot press, wide belt sander

  • - Business: Manufacture and sale of wood veneer, wood inlay processing, planning/manufacture and sale of wooden furniture and miscellaneous wooden goods, export and sale of products, manufacture and sale of arts and crafts

  • - Address: 5-34, Suehiro 3-chome, Tokushima City, Tokushima Prefecture 770-0866 Japan

  • Phone Number: 088-653-7518

  • FAX: 088-626-3773

  • MAIL : info@mori-kougei.com