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[Frequently Asked Questions]

◎Do you offer consignment sales?

No, we do not sell on consignment due to limited stock.

◎What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 1 piece on the premise of continuous business. Shipping costs are not included.

◎What are your payment terms?

We will ship your order after confirming your payment.

※We accept payment by PayPal or bank transfer.

◎What is the lead time for restocking products that are not in stock?

We do our best to avoid running out of stock, but in the event that we run out of stock due to a concentration of orders, we ask for a maximum of 2 months for non-indigo dyed products and 3 to 4 months for indigo dyed products.


◎What are the trade conditions for export?

Basically we ship with International Commercial Terms EXW or FOB. Please let us know your requests.

◎Is it possible to have a limited-time exhibition?

Please contact us with the details of your project. We will make a decision after confirming the contents.

◎Can you send me samples of your products?

This is a paid-for service.

We can also send you samples of different types of wood so that you can see the texture of the wood. 

Please contact us if you are a dealer considering handling our products.Contact us

We also accept consultations from those who are considering introducing our products for business use, such as restaurants and customer service.

We also accept original designs and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) production.

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