We accept customized orders for table tops.

Please contact us for the size and pattern of your order.

    Please refer to the following link for the type of wood (color).


    Recommended wood types for Kosen-bari

    American Black Cherry, Wenge, Walnut, Birch,Padoauk, Ebony, Zelkova, Sapele, Silver heart (anigre), Zebrawood, Sen (Kalopamax Pictus), Sono Keling, Japanese Ash, Teak, Japanese Oak,Pao rosa, Bubinga, White Ash, White Oak, White Sycamore, White Birch, Yellow lauan (Merapi), Mahogany, Moabi, New Guinea Walnut, etc.

    ◉Patterns can be made by referring to the illustrations below.

    • - The size of the veneer that makes up the pattern can be adjusted to fit your desired top board size.
    • - The estimated price will be calculated based on the number of parts, wood types, and complexity of the design.
    • - Some wood types may not be available due to supply issues.
    • - We can also create original designs such as letters and illustrations with wood inlays.

      We can create a simple combination using a single wood type or a colorful combination using multiple wood types, and an unlimited number of combinations are possible.

      After consultation, we will create a top panel according to your request.

      First of all, please let us know what sort of image you have, and then we will consult with you to create the product.

      Please contact us if you would like a sample of the wood types.

      Shape: circular, oval, rectangular, square, octagonal, hexagonal, deformed

      Finish coating: oil coating, urethane coating, Cerawood coating,High gloss finish

      Applications: Dining tables, living tables, center tables, side tables, low tables, cafe tables, desks

      For individual customers

      Only tops can be ordered, but we can also suggest legs that match the size and color.

      For Corporation customers

      For construction and design projects such as shops and other facilities, we will provide instructions in the form of drawings or estimates after meeting with you.

      Contact us