STAND is the perfect height for a side table


Available in a choice of two patterns and three colors combinations.

[Pattern Type]


Wood has the characteristic of revealing different colors depending on the angle of light and the direction from which it is viewed. Taking advantage of this feature, the wood veneeris cut into triangles that are laminated around each other to create a design that looks as if rays of light are coming from the center.
The identically shaped hexagonal wood veneer are combined with the wood grain in different directions.
Although all the pieces are made of the same color and wood type, the geometrical arrangement of each piece makes the color of the wood appear different depending on the viewpoint and angle of the viewer, giving it a shimmering impression.
This is why we named it "hoek" (meaning "viewpoint" or "angle" in Dutch).

[Wood type (color)]


[ Japanese oak

A bright natural color with the warm touch of wood grain.
It is characterized by the presence of "flecks," which are radiating tissues that send nutrients to the wood.
These spots have a unique luster, which is maintained even after dyed.


Walnut is characterized by its glossy dark brown color and unique atmosphere.
It is counted as one of the three most famous woods in the world, along with teak and mahogany, for its beautiful grain.

[Indigo dyed]

A Japan-blue indigo color with a unique atmosphere.
It is dyed with indigo dye from indigo plants grown in Tokushima Prefecture.
The wood's tendency to "change color depending on the angle of light" creates a unique atmosphere, and this is enhanced when the wood is dyed with indigo.

[Customers who deal with corporate clients]

  • - We accept orders for customized sizes, original designs, and OEM (original equipment manufacturing).
  • - In addition to oak, walnut, and indigo-dyed wood, we always have a wide variety of wood types (colors) in stock.

Types of Wood

  • - In addition to RAYS/HOEK, we can produce this using various designs.

Please feel free to contactus for consultation.




[Customers who deal with us as a distributor or wholesaler]

We accept orders of small quantities, where there is no MOQ.

Please feel free tocontact usfurther questions.

[Product Details]

Color:Japanese Oak・Walnut・Indigo Dye


Size:402 (depth) X 402 (width) X 600 mm (height) 

Top panel: Urethane clear coating, others: Oil finish


[How to assemble the product]

Two sets of legs and a top panel can be assembled with the 5 screws provided.

  • - +Easy to assemble with a screwdriver.
  • - Please adjust the adjusters on the installation surface of the legs.



◉Do not to leave it wet as this may cause stains or cracks on the wood.
◉Do not expose it to excessive shocks as this may cause it to break.
◉Do not use it outdoors where it is exposed to rain, wind, temperature, or humidity changes, or in direct sunlight.
◉Do not stand on or lean on the top as this may cause it to fall over and break, resulting in injury.
◉Do not place near fire or in areas with high temperatures.
◉Do not use on unstable surfaces.