CLOCK Kenichi Mori wood inlay work CLK-05


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Original design wall clock


Kenichi Mori Works

Wood inlay wall clock made from a combination of natural wood. This is a one-of-a-kind limited edition piece, and will not be resold after the sale.。

Kenichi Mori wood inlay work

Wood inlay wall clock made of a combination of natural wood. This is a one-of-a-kind limited edition piece, and will not be resold after sale.


[hand of a clock]

Original design with in-house developed plywood made by overlapping tsuki boards.

Ebony veneer is used for the surface material.

By laminating the wood so that the grain direction intersects, we succeeded in reducing the effects of humidity, temperature, and other climatic factors compared to ordinary solid wood.



QUARTZ(Young Towncompany manufactured)movement

Quiet sweep type with no ticking sound of the second hand.

CE marking, RoHS regulation, and WEEE directive compliant products are used.

[Product Package]

Simple and luxurious product packaging that can also be chosen as a gift.

It can also be chosen as a gift for celebrations such as new houses, births, and marriages.

 [Product Handling]

○ Turn the movement dial on the back to set the time.

○ Always use the time setting dial on the back of the watch to set the time. Do not turn the hands with your fingers to set the time.

○ Check the + and - of the batteries and place them in the battery holder. The watch will start.

[Installation Location]

 Do not use in locations subject to rain or wind, frequent changes in temperature or humidity, or outdoors in direct sunlight 

 Please use the attached wood screws when hanging it on a wooden wall or post.

 Plaster other than wood walls and columns When hanging on a board, concrete, or other wall, do not use the wood screws provided.※Use commercially available hanging devices that match the material and structure of the wall.

 Please make sure that it does not come off when you hang it.

 Small children's Keep out of reach of hands.

○ Avoid using the watch in the following places The watch may stop or the movement may be damaged.

  • Where humidity is above 50 degrees.+°C()
  • Close to heat-generating appliances or fire
  • Where humidity is below 10°C (50°F) and below 10°C (50°F) below freezing.-氷点下)
  • (Humid places, e.g., bathrooms, places where steam is generated)
  • Places where strong magnetism is generated or where there are violent vibrations( For example, large motors, large electric drills, large mixers, pumps, blowers, etc.)
  • Places where a lot of dust is generated

[About Batteries]

○ When replacing batteries, be sure to use new batteries.

○ Replace the battery as soon as possible. Even if the watch is running, replace the battery with a new one after one year.

○ If the watch stops running or is not in use, remove the battery. Leaving the battery in may cause a drop in battery voltage and leakage of liquid inside, which may damage the watch or other items.


[Failure of the movement (mechanical part)]

[Japanese domestic]

We will repair the product free of charge within one year from the date of purchase.

[If you live overseas]

Please contact us for repair support for a fee.

Please send us your product or we will sell you replacement parts for the movement and hands (wooden).

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