Although each piece is small,

the thought we put into it is not.

Each piece is small,

but the thought we put into it is not small.


Earrings and pendants that have delicate geometric patterns with an airy impression.

Bracelets made of wood beads reminiscent of small sugar candies.


These accessories are made from “natural wood.”

But in fact, they are not simply little pieces of wood.

The beautiful grain of the wood is uniquely processed from "tsuki-ita," which is sliced like paper.

ach piece is carefully produced one by one.


Small and light wooden accessories.

We hope you will wear them aware of the thoughts that we put into them.


About POKE

POKE is a brand launched as a "laboratory" within MORI KOUGEI, a company specializing in the application of “tsuki-ita” and the making of decorative plywood.

POKE develops products based on the theme of “creating things using tsuki-ita with craftsmanship." “Tsuki-ita" is a sheet of wood sliced nearly as thin as paper, and is mostly used for decorative plywood. We began by wondering if we could create something new out of the leftovers of such thin veneer materials. We are trying to create something new by considering what can be done with thin tsuki-ita.


About POKE’s Accessories

POKE’s earrings, pendants, and wooden beads for bracelets are made from a material called “tsuki-ita,” which is used as a surface material for furniture and other items.


Tsuki-ita is a paper-thin slice of solid wood with a beautiful grain.

Since it is used as a surface material for furniture and fixtures, high-quality, high-grade wood is used.

By laminating together these tsuki-ita together, we have created a new and unique material.

And the result is a small accessory that takes advantage of the texture of natural wood.


The geometric patterns of pendants and earrings are created through trial and error by balancing thickness, shape, and size while taking advantage of the thinness of the material.

These are accessories that only POKE can produce. Wooden beads used for bracelets are made by laminating many layers of tsuki-ita and polishing them for a long time to create a unique look and feeling.

Although wood is a natural material, this accessory can be used as a fashion item for any outfit, or as an accent to coordinate with, and can gently fit into a variety of settings.


 What is the behind story about POKE’s Accessories?


Tsuki-ita is a material that is used to beautifully finish the surfaces of furniture and interior.

When making a surface material with tsuki-ita, we use a larger piece than the finished size, so we inevitably end up with a surplus of material from outside the frame.

When we wondered if we could find a use for these tsuki-ita that would otherwise be cut off and disposed of... and one of the ideas we came up with was POKE’s Accessories.


It is common practice to dispose of the tsuki-ita parts which exceed the size of the surface material.

However, the excess tsuki-ita portion is one that happens to have been cut without being used due to its size.


"It is a waste to throw away this excess tsuki-ita..."

"Is there any way to use the extra parts of tsuki-ita without throwing it away?”


We hoped to reduce the amount of material that is disposed of unused, as much as possible.

In other words, our goal is effective use of resources in sustainable way.


Each POKE accessory is small,

but the thoughts and ideas that went into them are not small at all.


Thinking about sustainability, while being stubbornly simple and honest.

Even if it is a small thing, we hope to steadily take steps forward in the field of manufacturing, step by step.


POKE’s Accessories is our newest step forward.

About the material for POKE’s Accessories

This is a unique material made by layering thin tsuki-ita as thin as 0.2 mm to make a 2.0 mm part. The thinly sliced wood is pasted together to give it strength. This original plywood is individually cut into small pieces and then laser cut to create beautiful patterns, resulting in earrings and pendants with an appealing delicacy.Craftsmanship that could not be expressed with a single piece of natural wood because of its easy cracking, has been realized by carefully layering tsuki-ita to create the material.

Bracelets are made with original wood beads of around 1 cm in diameter, reminiscent of small sugar candies. There are 3 types of our original wooden beads with various shapes: one is made by pasting together 0.5 to 1.5 mm tsuki-ita of various colors and wood types and colorfully combining them into layers. Another variation is beads of natural wood which are dyed with indigo from Tokushima. And the last one is made using wood marquetry techniques. By rolling and grinding them with a sander for a long time, each bead has different shape: round, triangular, square, and other small stone-like shapes. No two are the same in shape.