Geometric pattern wooden pendant


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Simple design perfectly suits to various clothing coordination.

Made from thin wood, the characteristic of this pendant is its lightness.

[About the wood used]

Tree species: Pterocarpus indicus (Padoauk)

This is a broadleaf tree from the Legume family, a native mainly to Thailand, Myanmar, India, Indonesia and other regions of southeastern Asia.

The wood grains are red but the color may vary from yellowish to rich red of vermilion depending on the environment and place of origin.

For this pendant, we selected a bright colored Padoauk, a shade closer to orange.

This species differs from Chinese quince of the Rose family well known for its fruit wine.

[About the material]

Material is originally created by pasting together 0.2mm wood layers (wood veneers) to obtain 2.0 mm thickness. 2.0mm

Chain: Gold brass :

Not recommended for persons allergic to metals.

Chain length:480mm

Top Size:23mm×17mm

oil finish

form by poke

This product comes in a special box, which makes it an ideal gift.

Pendant Top

・We make the pendant durable by pasting together thin wood layers, however, excessive impact may cause cracks or scratches. Please handle with care.

[Care instructions]

・Keep away from water as it may cause cracks in the wood or deformation.

・Store in a place away from direct sunlight and places with high humidity and temperature.

・Not recommended for persons allergic to metals.

[Precautions at the time of purchase]

・The color of this product may appear slightly different on the monitor screen from its actual color due to monitor settings. Thank you for your understanding.

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