A tray which is made of thinly sliced wood veneer called “tsuki-ita.”

Rays Tray

"Rays Tray" is available in three different sizes, round and rectangular, and six different colors, including indigo-dyed.。

Wouldn't you like to add color to your daily life with this tool for carrying things?

White Sycamore Tray

like ripples spreading when a drop falls on the surface of a pond...

a beautiful pattern appears

Rectangle white sycamore



Indigo-dyed trays are dyed using a natural and traditional way of dyeing called “Hakko-date,” which uses only natural materials and does not use any chemicals.

By indigo-dyeing the white sycamore trays, which have a characteristic luster pattern (shrinkage), the beautiful pattern, like ripples that spread when a drop falls on the water surface, is further enhanced.



The identically shaped hexagonal wood veneer are combined with the wood grain in different directions.Although all the pieces are made of the same color and wood type, the geometrical arrangement of each piece makes the color of the wood appear different depending on the viewpoint and angle of the viewer, giving it a shimmering impression.This is why we named it "hoek" (meaning "viewpoint" or "angle" in Dutch).


A Japan-blue indigo color with a unique atmosphere.It is dyed with indigo dye from indigo plants grown in Tokushima Prefecture.The wood's tendency to "change color depending on the angle of light" creates a unique atmosphere, and this is enhanced when the wood is dyed with indigo./collections/stand



多様な内装に仕えるカスタムメイドのツキ板タイル TSUKI-ITA TILES

木象嵌作品 TRAY

POKE's Accessories

Each piece is small,

but the thought we
put into it is not small.




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市松模様をツキ板で制作する場合。 森工芸では作り方が大きく分けて2種類ある。 『木は光の角度で色が違って見える』という錯視効果を応用した1種類の木での市松模様を制作する場合。 隣り合わせる〼の木目方向の関係はは90度回転させている。 〼の辺に対して水平に木目を向けるか、対角に向けるかで別物にな...

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Exhibition in March 2024

FRAME in Dubai Sales period in stores and online store: March 1 (Fri.) - March 31 (Sun.), 2024 https://selectshopframe.com/collections/takumi-next ...

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HCJ2024 出展のお知らせ

東京ビックサイトで2月13日より開催される「HCJ2024 国際ホテル・レストラン・ショー」に出展致します。 会場では新しいプロダクトを展示いたします。 [TSUKI-ITA TILES ] 多種多様な内装に仕えるカスタムメイドのツキ板タイルです。シンプルながら、自然な木ならではの表情を持ち...

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