A clock movement and clock hands set


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This set can be used for a movement replacement or a clock face with 10mm thickness or less.

[Clock Hands]

Original-designed clock hands made with in-house developed plywood of layered wood veneers.

An ebony wood veneer is used for the hands’ surface.

Pasting wood veneers together as the direction of wood grain forms a crisscrossing pattern, we have succeeded in creating clock hands more resilient to the effects of humidity, temperature and weather compared to solid wood.


QUARTZ(Young Towncompany manufactured)movement 12888STC Standard Movement-Sweep

Sweep type, silent, non-ticking movement.

CE marking, RoHS regulations and WEEE directives compliant product.


Movement (with hanger and rubber gasket), long and short hands, second hand cap (9mm matte black), metal washers and U-nut circuits1 each



Turn the dials of the movement to set the time.

Please make sure to set the time by turning the dials on the back. Do not move clock hands directly with your fingers.

To start the clock, check the battery’s direction (+-) is correct and place it in the battery holder.+-



When changing battery, always use a new battery.

Please replace a battery regularly. Change to a new battery after 1 year, even if the clock is still working. 1

Remove the battery when clock stops moving or if clock is not being used. If the battery is kept inside the battery holder, the cell voltage may go down causing battery leakage and this may result in damaging the clock or other items.

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