CH7WN 500g wood adhesive (for application of wood veneer sheets by iron)


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CH7WNCH7WN 500g wood adhesive (for application of wood veneer sheets by iron)
CH7WN Vinyl acetate resin-based emulsion type adhesive by KONISHI Co.
F4-star grade

Recommended adhesive for ironing wood veneer sheets onto a surface.
Unlike ordinary adhesives, it can be applied after the adhesive has dried, so you can work without being restricted by time.

Content : 500g
Manufacturer:Konishi Co
Distributor:Mori Kougei
*Please use as soon as possible after opening the package.
*Please store in an airtight container after opening.

Apply this glue to both the base material (the object to be affixed) and the wood veneer, and wait until the adhesive is completely dry (until the white adhesive becomes transparent).
If the surface of the base material is not in good condition, apply the glue to 80-90% of the base material side, and 50-60% of the wood veneer sheet side, both half dry. Doubled gluing is also effective.

Approximate amount (glue) to be applied: approx. 10 g per 30 cm square
 *Double the amount to 20 g since the glue is applied to both the base material and the wood veneer.
 *The volume of the glue may vary depending on the application method.

After the glue dries, press the wood veneer sheet down with an iron and heat to affix.
This glue melts and adheres when it is heated to around 80 degrees Celsius, so it can be adhered even if there is some time left after the adhesive has dried.
However, it is preferable to work on the same day.
The ironing temperature should be set at 100 to 200°C. You may apply the iron directly to the wood sheet, but it is recommended to use a cloth that can be easily heated, such as a thin cotton cloth,

Even with a cloth, if the iron is left in the same spot, it may burn at high temperatures and discolor the veneer sheet. So please keep the iron in motion.
it is advisable to apply it at about 100°C.
However, if the temperature is not high enough, the adhesion will fail.
If the surface of the veneer sheet becomes loose due to air bubbles, etc., it can usually be fixed by piercing the veneer sheet with a needle or cutter knife and then reattaching it with an iron so that it is inconspicuous after removing the air.

[Precautions for handling]

*Reprinted from "PRODUCT GUIDE" by Konishi Co.
Please handle this product in accordance with the following precautions.
1. Do not use this product for any purpose other than the prescribed use.
2.Avoid contact with skin during handling, and wear protective equipment.
3. Wash hands and gargle thoroughly after handling.
4. If the product adheres to the skin, wipe off immediately and wash off thoroughly with soap and water. If pain or a change in appearance occurs, seek medical attention.
5. In case of contact with eyes, wash with plenty of water and seek medical attention if necessary.
6. Storage conditions: 2-40℃. Seal up after use.
7. Dispose of liquid waste in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

※This product may not perform as intended depending on the method and conditions of use.
※Please make sure to confirm that the product is suitable for the intended use before application


We recommend the use of a special glue that can be applied to the base material (the object to which the veneer is affixed) and used after it dries.
This allows you to apply the wood veneer sheet after the glue has dried, so unlike ordinary glues, you can apply it without being restricted by time.
For more information.Please watch the video on how to paste

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