POKE Wood Bead Bracelet Kit


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A bracelet making kit with combination of colorful and different shaped wooden beads.

Poke wooden beads consist of original beads made with layered wood veneer with natural wood color and Indigo (Chinden-ai) beads. Indigo dyed beads and striped pattern beads will always be included in the kit.
The kit also includes randomly selected small, large, colorful, round, triangle and square beads.
Create your one and only original bracelet.
Just string the beads, tie a knot and it’s done.
※The string has been processed to make bead stringing easier.

[Striped Pattern Beads]
The original material made with layered and pasted natural wood veneer (0.5mm~1.5mm thickness) is crafted to form a bead shape.
Colorful striped pattern beads, made by combining only natural color wood veneers.

[Indigo-Dyed Beads]
Indigo-dyed beads, dyed with Chinden-ai dye paste of Tade-ai indigo harvested in Tokushima prefecture.

[Marquetry Beads]
Marquetry beads, made from solid wood with a bit of thickness and not wood veneer.

Kit includes:
Wooden beads, string, brochure
You’ll need:
Scissors, pushpin, etc.

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