Rectangle RaysTray 〜ebony〜


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A tray which is made of thinly sliced wood veneer called “tsuki-ita.”

Ebony is a hardwood from the Oleaceae family that grows in Southeast Asia.

It is a very slow-growing tree, heavy and dense, with semi-permanent durability and a lustrous black grain that has a unique atmosphere, making it rare and highly valued. It is regarded as one of the best woods in the world.

For this tray, we carefully select a section of the grain with moderate stripes in black and paste them together in a radial pattern from the center.

The color of wood changes depending on the angle of light and the direction from which it is viewed. Taking advantage of this feature, the veneer is cut into triangles and pasted together in a circle from the center, creating a design that looks as if rays of light are coming from the center.

The rectangular tray can be used on a table with tableware on it or, for example, it can be used as an interior item in combination with plants.

Finish: Clear Urethane coating
product design : graf

The tableware shown on the tray is not included
It comes with a simple, exclusive package that makes it a perfect gift.

Handling of Products
●Excessive shock may cause damage..
●If the product is exposed to water, wipe it off with a dry cloth before storing.
●If the product is left wet, it may cause staining or cracking.
●Do not store in a place with high temperature or humidity, or in direct sunlight.

Points to note when purchasing
●The color of the image and the actual product may look slightly different depending on your computer or smartphone monitor.
●Since the material is natural wood, there are slight differences in the grain and color of each piece of wood.
●Please allow for small scratches and slight tolerance due to the manual processing of the product.
●Please note that we do not accept returns unless the product is defective.


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